11 June 2012


Finally got around to finishing the Stardate:3000 "Intruder" class scout ships that I ordered a couple months back along with the cruiser and destroyers. I think a lot of the delay was just trying to figure out exactly how I would base them. Perusing through my crap collection I found my box of 1" X 1.25" HDF bases I ordered some time ago for FoW. Those would do fine! I superglued nails onto them and drilled out holes in the bottoms of the ships (and one hole in the tip of my left forefinger!) for the points of the nails to glue into.

I think they turned out rather well - I like the look anyway - very Halloweeny. They'll do fine as Interceptor / attrition units. I've got some Noble Armada ships coming in this week to oppose the as-yet-unnamed Orange Forces. They are a much more modern, streamlined and slick design and I'm going to go a whole 'nuther direction with their appearance.

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