16 July 2012

Do Over

Ah... stripping and re-painting models. I think we've all been there. I've been putting off the giant lot of US Paratroopers that got fouled up by the USPS for months now and last week got to work on re-doing them.
The DIP! Simple Green cleaner - 24-48 hours minimum to loosen paint. Clean 'em with an electric toothbrush.

The fruits of my labor. Some nice clean metal to work with.

I used to paint FOW stands on the stands rather than individually. I'm going to do this lot one at a time. Better access to details and it seems to be a bit quicker.

Some "done" guys.

This collection will get sold when they are done. EBay, someone local... who knows. I don't have any interest in playing them. I'm sure I will as soon as I part with them.

At least I don't HAVE to buy stuff to paint for a while.

Oh, this is post #50 on my blog! Congratulations to me!

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