09 July 2012

Finishing Stuff

Well, I managed to get a few things knocked out over the last day or so. I'm going to do my best to stop buying more stuff until I get my pile of stuff in order. That being said, I really want to plunk down on the spacemen for Project 1960 but they can wait since I got the giant Ladybugs.

Speaking of Project 1960...
The M46 Patton


A squad of National Guardsmen and a Mutt with a Recoilless Rifle.

Not terrible. Glad to have them finished.

The other things that "got did..."

Monsters Menace America missiles done up for Shipwreck.

I started helping my son assemble a 15mm Churchill this afternoon - he likes them from World of Tanks. He and I have been playing it a good bit lately. He's mainly been using a KV-1 and I a T-34, although we do switch it up. 

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