01 January 2013

Finished Urban War Minis

Well that was quick, for me anyway. It's been a long time since I did anything in a scale larger than 15mm. I have to say I enjoyed painting these a lot. I did the base colors over the last few days since Christmas and did the wash, drybrushing, details and basing today (NYD) since I was off work.

I went with a very Soviet color scheme that seems to suit them very well. They are a bit less cartoony than the box art.

I hope you like them!

The crew.

Stick men.


Sniper and hero.

Squad leader.

Stick men from behind,

Shooters from behind.

Sniper and hero from behind,

Say cheese! I suck at eyes. 

The business end of the sniper.

My, she's a bouncy one isn't she!

And there she goes...

All I have to do now is get junior to finish his Koralon guys and we can give this game a go. I hope ya'll nad a nice New Year's. Now, back to work with ya!

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