06 January 2013

It's a Bug Hunt

Before I get going on this week's AAR, here's a shot of the youngest of the clan getting his paint on:

On with the AAR!

Dennis and Zig came over Saturday evening and we played a game of Mutants and Death Ray Guns. Dennis, after our previous two games, decided to go with the mega-cheesy tiny ultra badass squad; three terribly min-maxed over-the-top guys. I knew this going in and thought that some giant bugs would be a suitable foil for them - so I generated a brood of giant ladybugs. 

4 X Giant Ladybugs  Q4 C3 Heavy Armor, Long Move, Poison (50 points each)
1 X Queen Ladybug  Q3 C4 Heavy Armor, HTH Specialist, Long Move, Web Gun (98 points)

Dennis let Ziggy take the reins since he had never played before. Here's the setup:

We both advanced, Zig positioned his guys at the edge of the woods. I was completely snake-bit on activation rolls but managed to get my critters in to the following position:

On my turn, I selected the Queen to bee-line towards the MIB. Survey says...

That's a pretty good indicator of how the rest of the game went. Here she is in Bughalla:

The other two critters on my left got squashed without much fanfare. The exterminators and my two last bugs sort of swapped sides at this point. My bugs went into the trees and the cowards got out of Dodge to put distance between the glorious heroes of the Bug Empire and themselves.

One of the two bugs died almost as quickly as he showed his little bug face. The last survivor actually lasted for about seven or eight turns, surrounded by the three fiends before the dice caught up with him. Sadness.

Regardless of how one-sided it was (and boy howdy was it!) it was still fun. Against any more reasonably configured group, the bugs would have been a bit more competitive I think. Maybe I'll try them against his Plant Men next time.

Postscript - Ziggy was quite fascinated by the Infinity guys and I think he may have been hooked. Heh heh.

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