31 August 2013

Dystopian Wars - Saturday Smackdown!

Saturday afternoon, Junior and I pulled out our Dystopian Wars armies and had an enjoyable 800-point land battle. It's been some time since we mixed it up like this and I usually come out on the short end of the stick against his Prussian Army so I was keen to give his guys a good thumping.

I took:
1 Taka-Ashi large walker
6 Ke-Ho small tanks (4 + 2)
4 Chi-Ri medium tanks
3 Ho-I bombards
2 Myobu light gyro tanks
2 DFA-170 bombers
tiny dive bombers and fighters

Christian 2 took:
1 A9-V
4 A6-V
1 Imperium flying carrier
2 Walze small tanks
3 B3-S bombards
2 Schildtrager robots

2 @ tiny fighters 1 tiny dive bombers, 1 recon plane

The table after deployment

We ruled that any unit could go through the water at half speed. The fording points were as good as open ground.

The Prussian airship gets lines up a shot with its bugzapper. The Bombards got an early hit on my medium tanks.

My golden spider of DOOM looses a mighty barrage of rockets at a distant Prussian robot.

And gets a great result! A crit plus automatic flames!

A bit later, my medium tanks have lost two of their number, other units have taken light damage.

By turn three, my dive bombers swoop in on the A9-V but come up empty.

But the Taka-Ashi hits it hard scoring another crit which causes the giant tank to teleport 8 inches back! Sadly, it is now at a much longer range for the smaller guns on the giant walker and escapes further punishment.

The airship slowly rotates towards my walker and looses a magnificent bolt of lightning at it causing further damage.

The Taka-Ashi is now in deep kimchi. A solid hit from the bombards kills loads of marines.

And presently, the remaining Schildtrager releases its boarding parties and captures my command vessel! Gah!

My only recourse is to re-board it with the marines from my medium tanks. They take it back from the Huns!

The victory is short-lived as the bombards fire another volley into the massive walker and finish it off.

The blasted airship killed one medium tank and captured another. My remaining bomber catches up with the A9-V and finishes it off with a bomb! Hooray! That's the first time I've managed to kill that godforsaken thing.

My little tanks had a great game, killing two Walze stands and the second Schildtrager - this is right before he fell.

But in the end, Junior scored 510 points to my 400. He gets the win, but not by much. It was a great game and I'm looking forwards to the next!


  1. Nice BattleRep, but i spot to mistakes. First the Schildtrager is a Robot and need to be in Basecontact to Board. Second then you reboard a Unit from your army it gets derelictet an not becomms activ.

    1. Thanks for the tips, although I must say, when you're killing the afternoon playing toy soldiers with your ten-year old the rules become secondary. We rarely do boarding assaults, re-captures doubly so.