22 August 2013

Mid-Week Update

Hi all. Not a ton to report on, except that I may have found a buyer for my DAK Germans that I used in the FoW tournament last weekend. I've done a bit of painting - the 6mm US infantry I ordered a couple weeks ago mainly. I've finished about 50 of them, plus a couple mortars and crews. I'm waiting for my CINC order since it has some infantry special weapons in with it before I base anything. I think I'll be able to do 2 battalions with what I've purchased. I'm toying with the idea of leaving space on the bases to magnetically attach LVT-7s. Apparently, they are about the same size as Leopard 1 tanks, so I can use a spare Leopard to gauge the required space. I haven't bought any Amtraks yet, but the magnet idea seems workable since I use steel bases. With removable vehicles the bases will be usable as mechanized or airborne infantry and will just be awesome.

Mike is organizing a multi-player Dystopian Wars game for this Sunday. He wants to do a combined-arms game with land and sea units. I'll be dragging my stuff down to Morningstar for a bit of punishment. I always dread multi-player "big games" because there is a lot of dead time involved. You've got one person moving and shooting while five other players are doing nothing. Oh well, we'll see how it goes. I'll be sure to post an AAR.

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