13 July 2014

A Very Gamey Day (part 1)

Saturday, I got to play miniatures games almost all day long and I WASN'T at a convention, but rather in the comfort of my own home. It started with my youngest son wanting to play with some of the character tokens from a role playing game. That's all fine and dandy, but he's never really gotten to play a proper miniature game with actual rules, etc. so I suggested that we set up a table and put some minis to work. My firstborn joined in and we had a good 3-player bash!

We used the basic framework from the GASLIGHT rules since the mechanics are simple enough for anyone to grasp. Each of us had four no-names and one much better leader. There were seven markers on the tabletop and the first player to bring three back to his base would be the winner. 

Junior used his Infinity guys, Cameron was using some Bones minis I painted up recently. Junior's got a guy nabbing one of the objective tokens here while dodging bullets.

Cameron sends his leader up the ladder to get the token.

And then the stinker ran the gauntlet (the green arrow) to grab the third marker and win the game. He just couldn't fail a save!

Next Game!
As we wrapped up game one, Cameron found a Godzilla toy and started stamping around on the table with it. Both kids wanted to play another game so we quickly put the idea on the table. Cameron used an 11" Godzilla, I took a squad of terrifically out-classed National Guardsmen and Junior took four flying saucers and eight space aliens who picked the worst moment ever to invade the planet.

Junior lobbed pennies at the table from about 5 feet away to determine where his saucers would land.pennies that went off the table would be thrown again on the next turn.

My weekend warriors are in the lower left, around the gas station. Two of Junior's saucers made it to the table to begin with - perilously close to the big lizard. Cameron was testing out the breath weapon.

It didn't take long for Cameron to move Godzilla forward and burn up an alien. The saucer survived! I guess atmospheric entry and lizard breath are similar.

But it wouldn't survive the stomping foot of the hell-spawned beast.

Another saucer is victimized by Godzilla. He's also killed my bazookaman, my only character with a realistic chance of harming him. To this point, we've done two hits of damage to Godzilla and lost two saucers and three or four troops. 

Gojira sets his sights on my Lieutenant. I got a terribly lucky hit on him and caused a third point of damage before Lt. Dan was burnt to a crisp. Note the two aliens in the distance at the edge of the table...

They quickly hopped into their saucer and got out of town right away! This planet isn't worth what they were hoping for!

After a few more turns of wanton destruction, Godzilla was victorious and slunk back to the ocean for a rest.

The Godzilla game, as one-sided as it was, was tremendous fun and solid inspiration for a convention-style participation game. I need to work out the details but it has potential.

We all had a good time and it was good to play "toy soldiers" with my kids. It turns out, my gaming day wasn't yet over, but that's another post.

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  1. Very nicely done getting your kids playing to have fun with any toys at hand. The Godzilla game would be a fun con game.
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