14 July 2014

AK47 Republic - Saturday Night's Alright for Fightin'

12 July 2014
M'bungo, Litumsia
Reports that the MCC rebels are closing on the town of New Freeport are coming in from the countryside. President for Life John Johnson has ordered the Worker's Party Army to move towards New Freeport to put down the communist rebels.

The first two government units in the area were an Anti-Tank platoon and a platoon of the President's Guard. They set up roadblocks to keep the rebels out of New Freeport.

As the jeeps sped down the road, they were engaged by the brave warriors of the President's Guard. Two of the rebel vehicles were destroyed!

Rebel tanks advance and destroy civilian farming equipment as they terrorize the countryside!

The leftist reveal an ambush and a large group of fighters near New Freeport!

The communists commit further atrocities at the Highway 2 bridge.

The mighty President's Guard finish wiping out the jeep-equipped troops!

More communists arrive, this time from the south west, heading towards the New Freeport - M'bungo bridge. You can also see the terrorists making their way into New Freeport, sacking and pillaging as they go.

The vile rebels wipe out the brave defenders of the bridge. Their sacrifice will not be forgotten!

More of our Glorious President's brave soldiers make it to the battle! It has been a long trek in pouring rain but the tide will surely be turned now. New Freeport must be kept at all costs.

One of the communist armored cars burns as the sun begins to set. Death to the rebels! Long live President Johnson!

As you can clearly see from the pictures,your government forces are beginning to mop up the rebellious terrorists. The Worker's Party Army has begun setting up artillery and the armored column is about to retake the New Freeport-M'Bungo Bridge. A company of the newest WPA troops is establishing a perimeter around New Freeport to trap the rebels to make certain none escape. It is also now known that MCC* lieutenant Tanaka Jones was killed by the valiant President's Guard! Truly a great victory for the President's forces!


This game of AK47 Republic took place Saturday evening. I asked my wife if she'd like to play one of my games and she said "sure!" She's never played a "proper" wargame before so there was a wee bit of learning curve involved with things like "die roll modifiers" and "how to measure distances when moving tanks." I chose AK47R primarily because it is just fun. It's not replete with minutia and there isn't anything in the way of complex mechanics. She enjoyed it tremendously.

I must be VERY clear on this next point - she won the game, hands down. The final score was something like 83-46 in favor of the filthy, nasty MCC Communist Rebels. She captured and held all three objectives and handed my WPA Dictator's force its butt. As is often the case, I (as the defender) only had two units on the board for most of the game. I did eventually get all of my reinforcements but it was way too late to make a difference. 

You can see here that she's got it well in hand. This was the final turn, after moving but before shooting.

An amusing picture during the game. My son created his own Bifröst bridge for the dead warriors...

It was a very enjoyable game and most importantly, she's up for another! Woo Hoo!

* - Militia Campaign for the New Congress

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