24 July 2014

My Most Recent Hole in the Head

So, yeah, onwards to new things, new games, new projects. I've been itching to paint and play something outside my usual arena. I've been looking at 17th - 19th century stuff and finally settled on "Age of Reason" era (later 18th century) Imagi-nations after having watched The Adventures of Baron Munchausen for the six-zillionth time a few weeks back. Since the Maurice basic rules are free, and seem to be a winner from what I've read on various blogs, I'll give them a go. My first shipment of minis arrived late last week and I've gotten a few stands worth finished (minus banners).

These are Baccus 6mm SYW British models on 1.25" square bases.

I've never painted this type of stuff before so it's been quite fun so far. You can really assembly-line the process and churn through models quickly.

I've got another handful in the partial queue...

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