18 December 2014

A Quick Update

I haven't been up to much gaming activity this week. I keep staring at the painting table but haven't done any painting. It has just been a busy week for other things and painting got pushed down the list a bit. Maybe Saturday morning I'll get some stuff knocked out; the last thing I was working on was French tiny fliers for Dystopian Wars.

I ordered some tanks (PT-76es) and more African irregulars for AK47 Republic. It is always fun stuff to paint and I haven't done any in a while. I also finally managed to get a French Carrier for DW shipped to me after a great deal of screwing around. The place I ordered it from initially, ciphergames.com, was out of stock but took weeks to respond to email inquiries and they have no phone number on record. I spent quite a bit of time trying to get in touch with them to no avail. When they finally did respond with the ol' "that's out of stock and blah blah blah" response I asked that they please cancel the order. Two weeks later, they responded with an "OK, it is canceled." I then placed an order for the same on frpgames.com whose website indicated they only had one in stock. A few days later I got the dreaded "it is back-ordered" email. Since the single-ship blister is out-of-production I figured that was the end of that. A few hours later they emailed back indicating that they'd located it in their other warehouse. Hurrah!

I've got SFB on Sunday this weekend and probably nothing else on Saturday because of other activities interfering. I'm excited about SFB for sure.

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