02 December 2014

Just an Update

I haven't had a whole lot of unusual stuff to report on lately - mostly been painting and trying to get in games whenever possible. We're doing a big Dystopian Wars game at Morningstar on Sunday for Pearl Harbor Day. It's got nothing to do with Pearl Harbor Day, except that it will be set in Hawaii and will feature King Kamehameha throwing off the shackles of American oppression and declaring independence. I think the Hawaiians will have an assortment of American and other captured equipment while other players try to nab bits of Hawaii for themselves. I think we should at least have Naval, Land and Air elements going on and hopefully it'll be broken up into smaller sized games. I'm not privvy to the details at this point but I'm taking my horde of Japanese stuff and am excited about blowing stuff up!

Jeff game me a couple of blisters of DW stuff as a thank-you for painting his air cadre last week. I took some Prussian Escorts and the Airfield scenery set. The Airfield can be used as more than scenery - they can be purchased as units in DW and come with planes.

Some progress... the hangars are done and in the garage being clear-coated.

I've also been slowly working on some 1/600 scale air defenses that I got from Pico Armor. 
A flock of SA-2 launchers, ZSU-23-4s, radars, etc. The DW stuff got priority since it'll be useful scenery in the game this weekend. The air defenses will be fun for CY6:JA scenarios.

Oh and in case you don't know, Spartan Games is releasing their most current rules for all of their games for FREE. Obviously minis are a different story but this is a very cool development. I just might try out Firestorm Armada now. Announcement here: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/forum-99/announcement-46-rulebooks-to-be-made-available-to-download-for-free/

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