09 December 2014


I woke up Sunday with a sudden bout of vertigo. I've never had it before and hope I never have to suffer through it again. Any head movement causes me to feel as though I am falling. It sucks. I wasn't able to play in the big DW game and have basically been confined to the couch for two days. I'm staying home from work again today - I'd be useless there. Yesterday was a solid improvement over Sunday, but this morning seems a small step back.

On the plus side, I was able to get a lot of typing done yesterday for my sci-fi 15mm game, so a complete rule book isn't far away! My son who stayed home from school sick and I watched about 15 episodes of Clone Wars yesterday. It was awesome.

I downloaded the Firestorm Armada rule book yesterday. Looks pretty good. I'll probably pick up a starter fleet box some time after Christmas. It's no StarDust, but it'll do.

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