11 March 2015

StarFleet Battles at Gnomecon

Saturday evening at Gnomecon a group of us indulged in some Cadet's game SFB. We simplified the hell out of things, going as far as ditching Energy Allocation. All in the interest of speed of play and blowing crap up!

Mike setup an asteroid field "treasure hunt." Most of the asteroid clusters had nothing special in them. A few had 30-point mines. One (possibly two) had the stasis box "treasure" that everyone was looking for.

We did a random draw for ships. I got a Romulan KRB and was very happy with it. James Everett got a Fed CA, James Lee got a good ol' Romulan KR, Mark drew a WYN Sand Shark (hahahaha) and Mike got a Romulan War Eagle. That's an awful lot of Romulans!

Our table.

One of JE's very nice Rom KR-series. My ride du jour.

The layout. Mark's shitbox was in the far left corner.

We all moved out, sending out our shuttles in the search for the golden ticket. The purple ship and shuttle are mine. The light blue is James'. In Green is the Federation stuff and Orange shows Mike's treacherous backwater Romulan.

Mike is rather excited to find the shiny object of winning! Mark's wreck is idled right in front of him in the asteroids, knocking down his front shield which had already lost a bunch of boxes front the rocks.

One of my shuttles also finds something in the asteroids. Feh.

I quickly plot an intercept course.

 Mike pulls out of the asteroid field in reverse - his rear shield was still in good shape. The Fed alpha-strikes the War Eagle through the heavily damaged number 1.

And it is no more.

The stasis box is adrift. James drives his CA to it but goofs up and fails to hit the transporter. I pulled up right behind him and sent two F-torps at him to keep him occupied. being pursued, he couldn't turn to get the box.

Always the opportunist, I dropped my #5 and snatched the stasis box still chasing the Fed. We both zipped off the table in short order.

James really got the short end of the stick missing the box pickup. He still came in second, scoring 25 points for killing a ship (in one volley no less!).

I think everyone had a good time - I sure did. I know every-man-for-himself games are stupid and unrealistic but damn are they fun. There was very little combat, strangely. Mark and Mike traded a few shots, Mike fired off and S-torp at me to keep me away for a while, but I led it through an asteroid cluster and ruined it. We all took pot-shots at shuttles. There's no picture of it, but Mark and James both lost shuttles to the same mine as they were both hunting for the goodie in the same cluster. Classic.

They played a second game was played after this one but I had to leave unfortunately.

Another great Gnomecon SFB game - here's to more next year!

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