13 March 2015

Battling Seizue Robots!

I did up a few vehicles for the StarDust Ground Robot Army over the last few days. I pinched some old 40K Tau Drones and MechWarrior mechs and re-based and painted the lot.

 A hover repair unit, a powerful battle walker and a repair walker.

 Six attack hover vehicles.

The herd. 

The hover vehicles are fast and should be pretty nasty against infantry. The repair units will be very necessary for the Robot Army as a whole. The big silver battle walker will add some needed "heaviness" to the Robots. I found two more on eBay for cheap and they'll be joining the cause soon enough.

Ziggy want to put the original StarDust back on the tabletop tomorrow, so the Dogs and Humans will duke it out between the stars in the next post! I've got two linked scenarios set up and a third SDG scenario depending on the results of the space battle. Should be cool.

Have a great weekend!

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