18 March 2015

Recently Painted - Dystopian Wars Christmas Stuff!

I had a surprise day off today, taking care of my wife who'd had her wisdom teeth pulled. It gave me a lot of time to finish a large selection of Dystopian Wars stuff that's been in the queue for a while. Ziggy gave me the fliers for Christmas and the frigates and blue carrier were Christmas presents to myself. Three and a half months isn't too slow, is it?

 The lot. Three scout ships, six frigates, a carrier and a hybrid flying carrier/battleship.

The Tourbillon sky fortress.
 Two of the Furieux. I am most pleased by how these came out.

 The Couronne.

Lyon Frigates.

The other side of big nasty.
Another angle of the frigates to prove I painted both sides of them.

Very much looking forward to getting this stuff onto the game table!