13 July 2015

More Painting

When life gives you non-gaming weekends, paint! Actually, I couldn't do that either since I was out-of-town in Atlanta. Either way, when we got back home yesterday afternoon I finally got the Blazing Sun Bunker Complex that I received waaaay back on December 3, 2014. A mere 222 days to complete one model. Not shabby. I did in fact paint it twice. The first time around I was displeased with the results, so it was stripped and redone. Actually, it was stripped, aged for a few months, then re-painted.

Regardless, the Steakhouse of DOOM is now complete!

The camera has a way with finding blemishes, as you all know. I'm just happy to see the thing done. I am really looking forward to slapping it down on the table one of these days for a game. It is very strong and should make an interesting change of pace for us.

1 comment:

  1. Steakhouse of Doom, LOL!

    Very impressive piece!