24 July 2015

The other half of those newly painted minis, plus some others

Here are the rest of the Relic Knights minis (minus two). OK, so they aren't done. I've also had some Epic minis lounging around on the painting table for a couple weeks, just needing to be based, so I cleared them out of the queue.

The lot

 Space Ork Warbuggies, in classic "Go Fasta Red"

Dark Angel and Space Wolf Land Speeders

Doctrine Wizard trainees

 How'd that guy get in there? A Warmachine something-or-other that I've had for about 10 years. I picked up the Frostgrave rules this week and he'll make a fine medium construct. I've got a handful of suitable 28mm minis that'll work for Frostgrave, so many have made their way onto the painting table for overhauls.

 More wizards

One last shot of ol' Copper-Crotch

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