09 July 2015

Recently Painted Things

I've gotten some some painting work done in the past few days - a couple more Firestorm ships passed on to the storage bins as have some 6mm Space Marines and Orks.

Here are those old GW models...

The herd so far. 

Space Wolves 

Land Raiders and Rhino APCs 

Death Skull ork boyz 

A shmancy banner for da boyz 

Battlewagons and a trakor-kannon 

I've got some Marine land speeders and Ork buggies on the table now. Since I have so many Marines, I'm going to do some up as Dark Angels. The Orks will probably be split between Death Skulls and Blood Axes. I have a ton of Rhinos and Land Raiders that will work fine with an Orky paint-job. The plan is to use these with StarDust Ground.

Here are the Terquai Torpedo Cruisers I finished over the weekend. They're an alliance race and will be part of the Alliance of Kurak fleet I'm putting together.

The yellow was inspired by filthy construction equipment. I love the giant engine blocks on the back. Very cool looking models.

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  1. You remind me.. I also need to try and get some Epic Armageddon games in... we have a number of really good players locally.. they'd no doubt relish the chance to give me a good .. um .. lesson in EpicA play.

    Good work on the painting.