01 August 2015

Dystopian Wars - Friday Night Fights!

We're back from sunny (and occasionally rainy) Florida! We had a wonderful time but vacations can't last forever. I've been jonesing for a game of anything so my wife humored me and agreed to a game of Dystopian Wars Friday evening. I put together two small armies - my Blazing Suns would square off against the robotic horde that is the Scandinavian Teutonic Order. The lists, for those of you interested:

Empire of the Blazing Sun (625 pts)
Taka Ashi w/ Shield
3 Chi-Ri tanks
3 Myobu light tanks
4 Bansan walkers
4 Ke Ho small tanks

Scandinavian Teutonic Order (630 pts)
Metzger ausf B
2 Schildtrager walkers
2 x 3 Faust walkers
2 Recke heavy tanks

Disclaimer: my wife isn't a lifelong gamer. She enjoys playing toy soldiers from time to time, but we take a pretty relaxed approach to the rules.

My deployment. I had the Chi-Ris and Myobus set to run up the flanks.

And my wife's...

 Some early action - my Taka Ashi blasts a Schildtrager
And the Myobus plink the Metzger

The Reckes get in on the action, killing a Bansan and damaging the Taka Ashi.

A Chi-Ri gets blasted by the Schildtragers.

A turn on, and I didn't get a picture, sadly... but my Taka Ashi leveled its main guns at a Schildtrager and scored a double-crit, destroying it, the knee guns damaged a Recke and its rockets damaged a Faust way in the back.

The Ke-Hos pounce and wreck a Recke, damaging its engines.

The Reckes push forward, into my forces, their considerable broadside weaponry dealing terrific damage to the Japanese.

They then launch an assault against my big walker. All boarding parties are wiped out and the Taka Ashi is sabotaged!

We have a visitor.

My Chi-Ris take advantage and return the favor, prizing a Recke!

The Metzger waded forward but had a miserable round of shooting. The Ke-Hos make a stab at the other Recke and leave it derelict!

The Schildtrager on the hill smashed into a Chi-Ri and tore it to shreds. The Taka Ashi fired its weapons at the Metzger and other targets but couldn't land a hit.

The Metzger catches up with Stampy. 

 One great set of attack rolls...
And Stampy is demolished. Between Crushing Impact and Hull Breaker, six damage was caused to the Taka Ashi, easily killing it.

The Teutonic Order forces began mopping up.The Myobus were wiped out in quick order.

And eventually the Bansans were eliminated. 

We could have ended the game earlier but my wife wasn't content to "let me quit," she tends to be bloodthirsty and wanted to try to wipe me out. She was left with a heavily damaged Metzger (4 damage) and two Fausts.

It was a fun evening and was good to put DW back on the tabletop. I like the STO list, now that I can field it properly since getting the Fausts. I've owned that Metzger for two and a half years and it has done nothing but die like a punk every time it has been on the table. Even though I was on the business end, it was awesome to see it go Full Megatron Mode for once! I'm looking forward to fielding the STO myself some time - I would love to get one of their airships, but that'll have to wait until I'm done with the four lots of minis currently in the queue!

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  1. Nice report, and you're wife is obviously a keeper!
    That said, given her bloodthirsty nature and winning ways, I would *definitely* advise against "playing" around with any other gals, LOL!