31 August 2015

Micro Armor Sunday Afternoon

David and I got together for a basic trial game of GHQ's Micro Armor WW2. I played a test game a few months ago to get familiar with the mechanics, so things clicked back into place fairly quickly for me. I set up a 24" X 48" battlefield and pulled out two tank forces - 10 Canadian M4 Shermans and 9 Panzer IVG. For simplicity, we both had a Cohesion of 15 and a command bonus of +2.

David chose the Canadians and we rock-scissor-papered for table edge. The game was a simple shoot-em-up. First player to lose over 50% of his force loses the battle.

No full AAR, but here are a few pics of the game.

Our battlefield. I'd be entering from the left edge, David from the right.

David shot a few platoons forward quickly up the road and got into a decent position in the village.

The Canadians have a large force in the woods. I'm working my attack towards the village in the center since it would be easier to concentrate fire at specific targets.

Score one for the bad guys.

Ze Germans worked around the flank and pushed into the BUAs.

Only to get flanked in return!

The battle continued for a turn or two of very short-ranged knife-fighting until I'd gotten six kills. David managed two kills of his own. As soon as we worked out that smacking a platoon in the side at 1" range was the best way to crush it, things changed a lot. The Shermans' weaker gun was having a terrible time against my front armor, while my long-barreled 75's were reliably producing results against the Shermans. As soon as we saw the -1 bonus on shots taken at under 1" range, it became a game of movement to get in those easy kills.

To me, this seemed weird and not terribly realistic. Certainly, a close-ranged flank shot is a good thing, but it was too easy to achieve. That'll need to be addressed one way or another in the next game.

Either way, we had a fun afternoon of toy tanks and I look forward to playing it again.

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