29 August 2015

Tiny amounts of good and evil

I finished my initial batches of 6mm Dark Elves and Dwarves yesterday and took some pics this morning. The sky and sunlight is doing that weird thing where it's kind of yellow outside.

Front and back views of some rank-and-file Dark Elf warriors. I'm not much of a free-hander so the snakey thing on the banner is a little funky. Maybe I'll add some wings to it when the caffeine has processed out of my system.

And some heavily armored Dwarves, ready for anything. Sorry the pics are a tad blurry. I must've been squinting when I took them.

I ordered 100 bases for this project yesterday from Litko, so I'll really be able to ramp up production soon!


  1. Great figures and paint job. What rules are you going to use?

    1. Thanks! It's going to be a rule-set of my own creation. I'm very pleased with how my Sci-Fi rules, StarDust:Ground, turned out so I'm going to take a swing at a Fantasy ruleset.

  2. Those do look quite splendid for 6mm. Not sure about the open order though :)