26 January 2016

Recently Painted - Firestorm Armada Ships

I finally finished up a handful of Firestorm Armada ships a couple days ago. They've been "in progress" since Christmas. They're for a new fleet I'm slowly working on - Relthoza - a "bad guy" alien race of giant arachnids. They have a very peculiar aesthetic and a VERY different play-style from my other FSA fleet of Alliance of Kurak ships. My first group of Space-Spiders: eight frigates!

So that's four Widow-class frigates (vertical) and four Nidus-class (horizontal). The Nidus carry fighters that they pool together and become a collective carrier. I know the small ships are a weird place to start with a new fleet, but there I wanted to work out colors and have found that you really can't have enough smalls in FSA - it was as good a place as any to begin.

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