04 January 2016

RP and X-Wing Capture the Flag Edition

I finished my first three minis of the year yesterday. Woohoo! Three re-paints for Frostgrave.

So there's a Creepy Freaks Crusty the Snotman, 10-15 year-old Reaper skele and another old Reaper (maybe?) Tiki construct. The Green Ooze will make an interesting and weird demon. The Tiki guy is just an awesome sculpt and worth rolling up an animator wizard just to include the in the warband.

Beyond that, David, Junior and I played X-Wing Sunday afternoon. Junior mentioned playing it as a Capture The Flag game. We're big fans of CTF in video games so we established a few ground rules and gave it a go.

We played with 150-point groups and banned large-base ships. David and I teamed up and used Rebels; Junior as usual played Imperials.

The action is under way! The flags are sitting atop coins on each team's deployment zone. The bases are one base-width off the table edge.

David and I agreed to let my E-Wing be the flag-carrier since it had better speed, agility and could heal shields with R2D2. Christian's Phantom takes aim at our flag. Blasted cloaked ships!

The E-Wing and Phantom race back to their bases!

A fuzzy picture, but fun either way - the Phantom has four bogeys IN HOT PUR-SUIT! My poor Y-Wing stayed stressed for three or four straight moves just trying to keep up with the blasted TIE.

Ding Ding! Winner winner chicken dinner! A nifty Barrel-Roll is all it takes to cap. 

Just for grins we played another turn to see if Junior could make it to base - he did, surviving an absolute storm of blaster fire.

CTF X-Wing will stay in the rotation. It's a great change of pace from the usual line up and shoot. It forces different thinking and tactics. I've always enjoyed X-Wing but a simple scenario change was really great.

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