21 January 2016

Recently Painted - Frostgrave Orks!

So, rooting through my very old figures a few weeks ago I come upon some fantasy-style orks in need of some attention. There was a good enough assortment to make a Frostgrave warband (sans Wizard) so that what they've become. My first completed models of 2016:

The lot

Some ridiculously awesome goblins. The poses and sculpts are top-notch. Cannot remember the manufacturer.

Classic plastic GW ork archers.

A handful of orc melee guys. No fancy armor, just clubs, maces and anger!

I said "no" to the traditional green for orks - it is way overdone and orks look good in other colors too. I need to dredge up a wizard and apprentice for this crew so they can have a crack at Frostgrave.

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