04 February 2016

New Toy!

I normally don't get to crazy about X-Wing stuff on my blog. It's a fun game and I enjoy playing it, but it certainly isn't my #1. That said, I got this bad mother in the mail yesterday!

I've had my eye on it for a while and finally plunked down the scratch for it on Sunday. Well, it didn't take long to get it unboxed and on the table. Junior and I played the first campaign mission in the book, except that instead of Rebels, I used Scum as the protagonists.

Junior's deployment. One carrier with four TIEs, coming right up! 

My group. My mission was to collect three satellites with the Firespray (Boba Fett's ship) and exit the map. Junior was simply trying to stop me.

Kath Scarlett destroys a TIE with a rear shot.

A scrum develops!

The Y-Wing's Ion turret accounts for a TIE (that had been just in front of the Firespray.) Having nabbed two of the markers, Junior conceded. His attack dice were miserable and could not damage Kath Scarlett's ship, It was just an exercise in maneuvering for me to grab the final objective and exit the tabletop. 

Thoughts... The carrier is really neat. I like the mechanics, which although they're plenty different from the small ships, are still simple to employ and do not complicate things. That's the beauty of X-Wing - there's s lot going on but there's no need to refer to charts, books, etc.

The carrier itself seems undergunned, but that's OK - it is a carrier after all! I haven't spent any time trying to cheese it up. Damaging or destroying one would take a different set of tactics than I was prepared for with the list I used. I imagine all big ships are similarly difficult to damage and require big doses of firepower to punch shields and ding the hull before the shields are back up a turn later.

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