25 February 2016

The Farmy

OK, so I disappeared for over a week, then three posts in a row. Making up for lost time...

I got the painting gear back out this evening and took the opportunity to knock out a loooong-lingering project (first appearance - early last April). I put the finishing touches on my HOTT farm animal army - the Farmy.

The whole shebang

 The Stronghold. First time I've ever had to apply weathering to a pig!

Cluck Cluck...

And the heavy hitters.

So the list in HOTT terms is:

1    Dog        Paladin
2    Ducks        Lurkers or Water Lurkers
2    Sheep        Knights
1    Donkey        Cleric
1    Cow        Behemoth
5    Chickens    Hordes
1    Goat        Blades

Whether or not they're worth a toot in game term is irrelevant. It's all about assembling something off the beaten track of toy-soldiering.


  1. Cute!

    The whole Sheep-bang, as it were. Baaaa-Ram-Ewe!

  2. Nice army, especially the stronghold! So is the pig's name Napoleon?