24 February 2016

Something Different

No game posts lately... duh. Last weekend I was very tied up with other (non work) things and this week I've been working on Pinewood Derby cars in the evenings, not your usual wargames stuff. My 8-year old is in Cub Scouts and their Pack PWD is in a couple of weeks. My wife and I also have cars for the "Outlaw" Division so the kids won't all the fun for themselves.

 The Pink Cadillac, the Red Dragon and Super Duck!

My car - the Super Duck. The head is insulation foam. I hollowed it out a bit and filled it with BBs and glue to give it some good weight.

Cameron's car. The design was all him. It was a good bit of work with the bandsaw but we're both happy.

My bride's racer. I think she's going to have at least one Lego minifig along for the ride.

Zig and I are going to try to get in a StarDust Ground Gnomecon scenario playtest this Saturday. We haven't thrown dice in quite a while. I think the Robots will be making an appearance.


  1. Looks like fun. What's a pinewood derby? They build cars, attach wheels and race them down a hill?

    1. Essentially, yes - it's exactly that. The Derby is a long-standing tradition with the Boy Scouts of America and something all of the scouts (and dads) look forward to. There are of course many design rules to adhere to. It makes for a very fun afternoon of watching the cars run down a track!


  2. You are much farther along than I am with my cars. Love the super duck car.

  3. Nice work; brings back some mememories!

    (Eagle Scout,etc., BSA)