05 March 2017

Gnomecon - Day 1 (Friday)

Hi all! I had a fantastic time at Gnomecon this year. As usual, the Sunday of Gnomecon is a packed personal schedule and I won't be there today.

Friday afternoon, I met Mark and we set up his Alamo game. He's had the whole thing ready for a battle for a couple years and just has never had a good opportunity to run it. Fittingly, we played just a few days short of the 181st anniversary.

The Alamo. Given that we couldn't easily plant it in the center of the table and surround it, one wall was defended by the board edge.

I commanded the Mexican forces and arrayed them like so - heavy on the left and right, mostly because there was no table edge to stack extra bodies on the edge closest to me.

15mm Peter Pig and Blue Moon minis by Mark. I could never paint that many fancy uniforms.

The wave approaches!

And in no time, we were against the wall!

In general, I targeted a couple of wall sections with my cannons. The wall was easier to hit and eventually would result in a breach.

 My elites rushed the cannon at the front gate and took the position.

The ladders start going up!

And over on the right, I get a regiment over the palisade. Colonel Travis is overrun.

And now there's something to exploit!

Followed quickly by a second something to exploit. Bwahahaha.

My cavalry makes an appearance. More bwahahaha!

Many of the defenders fall back into a defensive position.

The breach on the left is thoroughly exploited.

Mark's spirits are up, even though the situation is dire!

The right side is almost completely overrun - the only Texans left are the few atop the barracks.

Some schlubs (the game group who took out Travis) surprise the defenders via the building to their left.

Davy Crockett sees them off without much trouble, although my boys did a perfect job of disrupting the defender, preventing them from moving down the cavalry that was about to charge from the right.

This unnamed hero atop the wall had just finished finished off a stand of elites by himself and was ready for more!

Davy Crockett's last stand. He killed a couple stands on his way out.

The final Texan at the mission dies. We dubbed him Elvis, with his fine white jacket and red hat.

A historical result, to be sure, but a bloody fun game! That much lead on the table is a rarity for me and a treat to push around.

Out of my forces, I had lost what looks like 48 stands of troops, easily half of my attackers had been killed. Mark was unfortunate to not get more early kills on the front and right side - my groups on those two sides reached the walls almost unscathed and then it was just a matter of rolling dice. The left side hung a lot more in the balance until I brought down that wall section - my battalions were really getting shot up badly over there.

After dinner (Mexican of course!) Mark and I played a quick game of Wings of Glory.

I had a FW190 and a BF109. Mark piloted to Spitfires. I had a terrible game.

Witness. This is my damage pull for the game. One zero. ONE ZERO. If you've ever played, you know exactly how unlikely this is. Revenge for the Alamo, I suppose. Good fun anyway.

The family and I watched Odd Lot later in the evening - a comedy improv group along the lines of Whose Line is it Anyway?

Day one was a hoot. How could day two ever match up?!?!


  1. What rules did you all use for the Alamo game? Looks like an awesome game!

    1. It was Mark's homebrew d10 system. Basic 7+ to do anything, with mostly penalty modifiers and almost no bonuses. A fairly straightforward igo, ugo that worked well with the huge number of minis on the table.