02 March 2017

Recent Painting

I put together some sandbag defenses earlier this week. The sandbags were courtesy of Pegasus models and look perfect for 15 or 20 mm. I was careful to make sure a medium and small StarDust base would fit together in each.

They're mounted on scrap bits of balsa and turned out nicely for the minimal effort required...

I also managed to finish this German Opel Blitz that's been in the queue for many months. At one point one of the wheels had been broken off and it had gold paint splattered on it. It came in the same kit as the PaK40 I put together. Yeah, August. It's been a while.

All it's missing is Doctor Jones hanging from it...

Be well. Gnomecon begins tomorrow. I'll be there. Rubber and Lead Saturday afternoon and StarDust Ground Saturday evening.

Oh... that was post #600 and I'm terrifically close to page view # 100,000. Woohoo! Six years, six hundred posts.

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