19 March 2017

Two Quick X-Wing AARs - New Ship Trials

Ziggy and I have picked up a handful of new X-Wing ships lately and just haven't had time to give them some play. Saturday, we committed ourselves to giving them a try.

Game 1 - A Stressful Situation

<< I misread a card which affected this game to a large extent. I feel bad about it and am making a public apology for it. I've also apologized to Ziggy. >>

I picked up Kylo Ren's Shuttle at Rapier in January an in the closet it has sat since. I decided to go with a theme list and use only "Force Awakens" ships, so I also had two TIE/fo and one TIE/sf (special forces) - with the tricksy rear-firing gun.

Across from me was the massive Ghost from the Star Wars Rebels cartoon and friggin' Biggs. The Ghost was carrying an attack shuttle that could be launched mid-game.

An action shot, just as the attack shuttle was launched. Biggs got caught running the wrong direction and my TIEs jumped all over the shuttle, killing it. My sweet black winged thing tailed the Ghost, all the while being dinged by its turret. In the end it paid off as the stress tokens that crew member Mara Jade was placing on the Ghost prevented it from being able to make a sharp enough turn to stay on the table. It drifted into oblivion. A sad end to ma seriously tough ship.

Game 2 - Outshined

After dinner we re-grouped and put together new lists entirely.
I switched to Scum and Villainy. I didn't recall using the IG-88 ship (with the large base) or the space van, so off I went with a trash list. No effort was made to coordinate special abilities or upgrades - this was just a collection of four ships.

They were of course pitted against three souped-up T-70 X-Wings, including the very tough Poe Dammeron. Although I held my own for a while; eventually the Mist Hunter (space bus) went away, then one by one, so did the others. The plucky M3A (the green and purple one) hung in there 'til the end and was the last to go.

So, at the end, it was one and one for us. I didn't notice my error until this morning. I really like the First Order TIEs and that Special Forces TIE. The Shuttle is fun, but an unwieldy bus. IG-88's ship, on the other hand, is a nimble sweet ride that is an absolute joy to use.

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