23 April 2017

A Short Time Ago...

Saturday was a very busy day for my family so I had no time to really prep a game. I still wanted to play, so Zig and I pulled out X-Wing which requires not a lot of pre-game.

The rogues gallery for game 1. Scum and Villainy faction. This was my first run with the Protectorate Starfighter (far left).

They were pitted against a "Grrls Rule" list Ziggy picked up online, featuring Rey (in the Falcon) and Miranda Doni in the K-Wing. Obviously, the Rebel ships were high-value beasts given that he only had two ships.

Ziggy managed one great Ion bomb drop, hitting three of my four ships at one go! In the end, I conentrated fire on the K-Wing, taking it out and then was able to nip at the Falcon until it went kaboom. I was very pleased with my list and it held up well.

Zig and I reset for a second game. I hadn't played Rebels in a while so it was decided to do a Rebel v Rebel battle. Junior walked in and we invited him to join the fray. It turned into a 3-sided affair and he used Imperials (First Order mostly).

The group for game 2. I specifically went off the rails with my selections. I really do prefer to give all the toys table time and the A-Wings haven't been out of the box in a while.

Our deployments. I wasn't keen on impaling myself on the Rebel gunline of two X-Wings. The A-Wings were deployed to harass the Imperials.

Junior, multi-tasking.

My B-Wing did take a beating from the X-Wings, but had the moxie to deal with it, only to get nabbed my the K-Wing's stupid net. My A-Wings caught a TIE fighter but couldn't get a result! The ARC170 and Shuttle prepare to duel.

A TIE sandwich! The B-Wing would finish off the nearest Imperial fighter.

Ziggy's K-Wing leaves a nasty surprise for the Special Forces TIE - and Ion bomb and another net. The Rebel bomber was really at the top of its game in this battle.

As things wore on, my squadron took an almighty beating, leaving me just with my ace A-Wing.

My zippy little bastard takes aim at a distant TIE.

Ziggy finishes off the shuttle, leaving no doubt as to who the winner would be. He still had his T70 X-Wing and K-Wing in decent shape (self-healing K-Wings are the worst!). I had a mosquito with weak guns and Christian's last TIE was down to one hull point. Zig got the win handily. The bomber was particularly effective with the large number of ships and because it wasn't singled out for elimination early on, as is often the case. Having Biggs kicking around next to it helped - his special ability is that enemy must shoot at Biggs if he's an eligible target.

A good evening of space ships, X-Wing rarely disappoints.

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