05 April 2017

Arab / Israeli - Basing

With the goods in the mail, I figured I could get started on the bases since I'll need a bunch and let's face it - with Pico Armor, the minis will just be elements of a diorama on each base. I don't want to have simple flats with tanks - it's a bit lazy.

So Sunday, I cranked out 21 textured bases, then drybrushed them up.

With a ZSU-23-4 "just hanging out" for reference. Two or three vehicles per base will look mighty fine.

A couple of finished bases with unit ID strips on them. I'll mark the units later. The heavy coat of gloss coat will hopefully help it resist nicks and chips as the spackle isn't what you'd call "rock hard." I'm going to add a bit of foliage after the tanks and infantry are attached. The second batch of 21 just got spackled....
I think I'm going to need about 35 bases of Egyptians and 14 or so bases of Israelis for an intro game. More pics as they happen. I'm out of town this weekend - no gaming for me 😡

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