10 April 2017

Pico-Sized Update

I finished 21 more 1.25" bases yesterday after 5 hours of driving and was delighted to see that my Pico Armor tanks had arrived while we were out of town.
T-62s, BMP1s and infantry.

29 T-62s and 15 BMPs have been primed and basecoated. It would have been 30 tanks except there was a barrel-snap issue with one while cleaning up flash. Perhaps the Regimental HQ stand will only have one tank instead of two.

1 comment:

  1. They look good. I found that the metal these figures are cast in is very brittle, so broken barrels are par for the course. I have some Leo 2's with broken barrels that I still use as it is honestly hard to tell at game-viewing distance.