15 May 2017

AAR - Dystopian Wars: Europe Ablaze!

Ziggy, David and I got the Dystopian Wars toys out Saturday evening for a Central Europe slaughterfest. Zig and David paired up as Team East - Poles and Russians. I was The Westside Boys - using French and  Scandanavian forces. Each force was nominally 600 points.

Our deployments. We left the SAS out of the game - they do tend to slow things down and have a way of "cancelling each other out" when numbers are even. This would mark the first time since Ziggy started playing Dystopian Wars in 2010 that he played with a completely painted force!

Early into the action my Reckes and Marteaus got to work on the central medium tank squadron.

My Metzger was the "Hell on Legs" St. Michael variant that the STO has access to. It's a massive improvement over it's predecessors and actually worth using.

One of the Reckes gets pummeled by the Rarog. The Fausts quickly disembark from the other!

Those Kamchatka medium tanks lined up for the broadside shot back there creamed one of the Schildtragers early - one-shotting it with a Mag Explosion. Rather sad.

One turn two, they repeated their performance, killing the other medium robot. Seriously? What the heck?

My remaining Faust, although on fire and "disordered" (which robots ignore) charged into one of the  Polish mediums in the squadron that killed his mates. A couple very lucky rolls later, the tank was done. Huzzah!

The wounded Ragog puts a remarkable amount of fire on an unfortunate French small tank group.

But Stompy returns the favor.

The French mediums (with an attached Grele flak tank) has their way with a Polish squadron. They blasted two and boarded a third, ruining their opposite numbers.

I had the Recke wreck the Rarog. I seriously considered smashing it in close combat with the bog robot, but decided his firepower would be better used elsewhere.

Firmly in control over the right side of the table, I start to focus towards the Russians.

The Metzger and Liege get to work on the Kamchatkas and Minsks. My Robot got set the heck on fire but was still in decent shape.

After three turns, we tallied the score - I had eked out 665 points (including all of their Larges) and the Polish/Russian force was at 525. They had three more small tanks of mine to destroy and they'd have achieved their objective. It was a close affair for sure - my Schiltragers and the Recke going out early really hurt. I think one Russian squadron on the right side to prop it up would have made a big difference. I really liked the French/STO combination. The Liege continues to make me smile and the St. Mike is a Metzger worth using.

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