29 May 2017

Recently Painted - Firestorm Planetfall

A few weeks ago I saw a copy of Spartan's sci-fi ground combat game Firestorm Planetfall on the cheap on FRP Games. Normally over $100, it was on clearance for $35. A quick text to Zig and we went in halfsies! Under $40 including shipping. Steal of the year! Zig got dibs on the Directorate forces so I got the Aquans. It wasn't long before I was working out a color scheme. Z and I decided we'd base our Planetfall with a winter theme to keep it a bit different from our usual stuff.

The Aquan Prime forces are ichthian - fish-like. All of the cannon pictures have them in a blue and green tones. Screw that noise! These hover tanks just scream high-tech and deserved an attention-getting coat of paint. With that, I present you with the first part of the Core Helix of the Orange Roughy Tide.

 The armored elements

Imzani Light Tan

 Sirsir Specialist Tank

A side view of the Sedna heavy tank.

Lamana medium tank

So, do I need another sci-fi ground combat game? Probably not. It was too good a deal to pass on though and I do like the models.

Oh, there was a LOT of gaming Sunday at my house. Pics and AARs later. Modern Spearhead, StarDust, X-Wing...