02 July 2017

A Bit of X-Wing

Zig and I played a couple of rounds of X-Wing yesterday. I suppose technically it's a tune-up type game for a tournament I'm hoping to play in August 12th. I tried out two squads I think might be OK to run with.

First up was a Rebel list with a YT-2400, T-70 X-Wing and an E-Wing. They're all strong ships - no "gimmes" in the bunch.

They matched very well against Zig's TIE Defender list. I took a while to finally nail the last one, but I won the fight, hands down, taking no loses.

For game 2, I used what I considered an entertaining list, certainly not heavy hitters. Two TIE Advanced and a Firespray. They fought against the same TIE Defender group from the first game.

Oooh. They fly in pretty formations!

After a while, Zig was down to the blasted red TIE and I was one ship down.

And the my other TIE got splatted. Kath Scarlet and Duchess dueled for a while until I took a nasty crit putting my pilot skill down to "0," losing a distinct advantage I'd had. The silly red TIE and I ended up facing each other at range 2 and she got to shoot first. Boom, dead Firespray. The two-Advanced list was a lot better than I anticipated, though I'm still unsure it would hold water in a tournament setting.

A fun evening of X-Wing. It's always a great game.

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