19 July 2017


Sometimes you end up with a model that's just a bear to assemble. I haven't had one of those in some time, but the Aquan assault helix I received as a birthday prezzie came with two real patience-testers.

The "three-legged walking things," as my son would have described them years ago, required me to use putty at the ankles and enlist my wife as a second set of hands. The very loose ball-and-socket joints were just impossible to work with by myself.

I did finish up the other contents of that box set - some missile tanks:

Zig and I are supposed to get in our first game of Firestorm Planetfall this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it (and looking forward to putting my red lovelies out on the tabletop).

On a much cuter note, my son busted out some of my scenery and minis last evening and had a bit of a dust up.

These sheep are in deep kimchi.

Space men and the army duke it out

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