28 July 2017

Goings On

I got some sweet 15mm "Space Marines" last week from Khurasan. A few months ago I put together StarDust Ground stats for GW Space Marines for Mr. Whitesell and with the urge to put together another force for my own SDG collection, they were a natural.

That's 30 Marines, 4 special / heavy weapon guys, 2 leader poses and 5 "Terminators."

Orange may not be what you think of right away with Space Marines, but they'll be fine, I promise. I'm big on bold bright colors and let's be honest, so have the Space Marines.

After a dark brown wash and a drybrush job. They're starting to shape up. Now for all of the little bits that make them look like toy soldiers and not orange blobs! More progress pics as they occur.

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