31 December 2017

Dragon Rampant AAR - Gem Hunting

Wifey and I played a game of Dragon Rampant last evening. The scenario was "The Crystal Gale" in which we both had to collect some gems/crystals that were scattered about the battlefield, in addition to killing eachother's troops. I used my recently finished Dark Elf force and my wife used a collection of mostly skeletal Undead.

The Dark Elves are one of those small, high-quality forces, compared to the more numerous but slightly less capable horde of bones.

The battlefield. Ten gems were scattered across the center, more than 12 inches from each of us.

The hordes descend upon the central crystals!

But my sorceress, Witchy-Poo blasts the ghosts with a gout of flame!

The Dark Elf Executioners taunt the ghosts into attacking instead of collecting the gem they were right next to!

Though on of the Executioners falls, a second ghost is "busted."

The chariots and skeletal warriors get it in gear and push forward!

The Reavers can't control themselves and rush the vulnerable chariots!

The chariots do a magnificent job of repulsing the attack.

But the Crossbowmen aim true and finish off one of the mighty war carts!

Again, the Reavers' sense of self-preservation is tossed aside... this time though they opt for a softer target, the skeletal wolf riders.

And although the blood-thirsty elves perform well against the riders, they are then beset by the skeletal warriors. Tragedy!

The skeletal archers off to the left flank finally make an appearance! They pick up two gems and start pelting my Crossbowmen with arrows! You can see that the chariots in the center had been eliminated - the Crossbowmen had finished them off!

The weakened Executioners still are a force to be reckoned with and run off the skeletal warriors.

The battle ended, both sides had recovered five gems. The Elves had lost one unit while the Undead had lost the Chariots, Ghosts and Warriors. Neither of us selected any quests, primarily because we play so infrequently we didn't any extra distractions. We both had a great time and it was a good last round of toy soldiers for 2017! 2017, you've been a rubbish year and I'm glad to see you go away.

Happy New Year's everyone! May 2018 be great for us all.

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  1. Really nice, entertaining account. May 2108 be a very good year for you and yours!