20 December 2017

Star Fleet Battles AAR - Swap Meet

The Space Cadets got in a final SFB game for 2017 last Sunday at our preferred location - Pizza Hut in Brunswick, GA. Edward joined us for a second time and is now in danger of becoming an actual member of the Space Cadets.

The scenario was of my design. It starts with a Klingon and Romulan ship meeting up to transfer two items from the Klingons to the Romulans. There is also a cloaked Romulan frigate nearby. Two Federation destroyers zip in, attempting to disrupt the exchange.  We pick up the story there.

So, here's the setup. Ed and I drove the Feddies (green circle). David ran the Romulans and Mike helmed the Klingon (orange). The Romulan Snipe is cloaked using hidden deployment.

Ed and I, commanding the Fast Destroyers Silverhawk and the Usain Bolt, charge in headlong at speed 27. The initial plan was to quickly punch the freighter, then get away, recharge photons, and then zip in and hit it again. Mike's LD5 has sent a couple of drones towards us and the Snipe is decloaking.

Things really get squirreley for the Feds as the Snipe pushes two plasma-F and one plasma-G out its tubes. Rather than "manning up" and soaking 60 points of damage, I suggest to Edward that we run for a bit.

If there's anything a Fast Destroyer does well, it's run! The blasted Freight Eagle takes the cargo and begins cloaking. Not very sporting at all. Edward and I turn things into a game of "Kill the Klingon" and empty the tubes into the LD5. Mike's ship loses the #5 shield and takes a handful of internals. Meanwhile, the Klingon and Romulan ships have been pelting Ed and I with phasers and disruptors. 

The Bolt is hit with three plasma torpedoes. After 13 impulses of running, the damage isn't terrible at all though.

Time warp past through much of turn 2... After Ed and I completed our orbit of the asteroid cluster, we began pursuing the Freight Eagle. I turned to distract the Snipe and Klingon while Ed continued the chase. My ship was savaged by direct-fire weapons and my return fire was wildly poor. I set a course for home being crippled at this point. Ed did catch up with the Freight Eagle, but between the cloak and its great shields, the alpha strike that was dealt to it at the start of turn 3 was ineffective. A solid win for David and his pointy-ears and a best supporting actor for Mike and his Klingons.

The Federation Fast Destroyer is a miserable ship. It's shaped like an arrow and performs like one. It goes very fast, straight ahead and hits whatever is directly in front of it. It was quite interesting (frustrating) to drive something this one-dimensional. Little wonder that in the flavor text it says the Federation only ever built one.

It was a fun way to kill an afternoon and we all enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Thanks guys!


  1. Great report. How do you think a class 4 tube DD would have fared?

    1. Those "original" DDs would probably have fared a bit better, but the Fast DDs were the scenario inspiration so I had to roll with them. As with most SFB scenarios I write, I start by looking at SSDs, then coming up with a situation that they'd be useful for. A "smash and grab" seemed logical for the Fast DDs so I built the rest from that idea.

  2. Not the most experienced at reading SFB SSDs, but eight labs? Seems excessive for a warship!

    The scenario seems interesting though, a race to see if the FDDs can get the job done before being blown apart. Might be interesting to run the same sort of scenario with a more vulnerable transport (or two more vulnerable ones).

    1. Hey, those Federation ships were loaded to the gills with labs :) Four of the labs were converted to AWRs in y169 and that's how we played it.

      My biggest mistake in scenario balance was letting the Snipe start at WS3. It was able to launch all of its torps for virtually no energy cost on turn 1. Yes, the Freight Eagle is a real fortress of a ship, a weaker substitute wouldn't be too off-base. I do have a soft spot for very difficult situations when it comes to gaming. Anyone can win a cakewalk... I like seeing how well I can do against a stacked deck.

      Thanks for reading!