Periodic Check In

No a whole lot of excitement to report. I've been up to "stuff," but not a whole lot of gaming. Zig and I did get in a game of Infinity last evening (Saturday night) featuring my newly-painted Combined forces against his Pan Oceania Knights. It was a total massacre which I lost. Had a good time though!

Part of the issue was my own unfamiliarity with my troops / army. These guys have a lot of special abilities and while I spent a good bit of time painting them up for the table, I didn't spend any time whatsoever figuring out what they're good at. Regardless, Ziggy played well and his dice were on fire. I'd have struggled even if I'd spent 3 hours studying the army list and wiki.

In other news, I started planning for the annual Memorial Wargame Bash. We've decided that without a doubt, Victory at Sea: Age of Dreadnoughts MUST be included. It was a hit last year and perfect as a group game. To that end, I bought an Italian Navy to square up with the Austro-Hungarians in a conjectural Battle of the Adriatic.

The Figurehead 1/6000 collection showed up in Friday's mail. They're tiny and impossible to keep track of without properly ID'ing and tracking them. Very excited about this upcoming battle!

I'm still deciding on game 2. It'll be a land game of some sort but I just haven't made up my mind. We talked about an oversized Dragon Rampant game a couple years ago - I need to check into that. Hmmm.


  1. Good luck with the 1/6000 ships. I found a package of mixed up US Destroyers the other day and honestly have no idea which is which. Labeling is key.

    1. Of course, the objective reality of it is that at this scale, destroyers are damn near indistinguishable from one another... doesn't matter that much!


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