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Good morning readers! A short update on goings-on from the past fortnight. Last weekend Mark and I played a game of Stardust: Ground, my company-level sci-fi game. This battle featured blatant GW-lifted Space Marines fighting against the Robot Army who are a far cry from their GW corollary. 

Pre-game. The Marines were deployed in the center of the battlefield, the robots entering from all four corners. The 'Bots launched their attack at night, giving them a real shooting range advantage.

The only bright spot for the Marines during the early going was one of the Dreadnoughts who was rather effective smashing up Robots in close combat.

The mechanical menace just dumped an amazing amount of firepower on the superhumans; Marine armor proved to be up to the task, reducing casualties to an acceptable level, though the 'Bots were still firmly in control.

Once the sun came out though, things turned into a real blood and silicon-bath. Initially, the Marines took an massive beating and things were looking very grim, but then I was able to get a couple units into close-combat with the Robot troops.

The close combat didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped but it was rather disruptive and broke up the 'Bots attack quite nicely as they were forced to move, hide and otherwise get themselves into a worse position.

The last shot of the game... a Marine Dreadnought's cannon rips into a RepairBot's back armor.

It was a bloody, closely-fought affair that we both really enjoyed.

In other news, I ordered this beauty last week:

It showed up in short order and I got in a first game last evening with Ziggy.

 Now I don't have exhaustive  C&C experience like some of you, but I have to say, Samurai Battles didn't disappoint. It's of course a familiar experience but with plenty of tweaks and additions to give it a much different feel from Ancients and Medieval. Very happy with this addition to the collection.


  1. Things were looking "grim" for the Space Marines(TM)??? Just the way they like it! Looks great, Ski. I'm (still) preparing my Epic 40k forces (sm and orcs) for SD:Ground.


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