30 April 2021

Tanks for the Memories

I put together some new tanks for the 1/72 and 1/76 collection this week. I'm planning to use them in our planned Memorial Day game at the end of May. A bit of Barbarossa in the works.

That's two Pegasus BT-7s and a Revell Panzer IIF. They went together easily and the paint is just a quick splash and go. Nothing fancy, they're toys for the tabletop. I was hoping to playtest the scenario tomorrow but that got goofed up by some garbled plans with my wife's family. Burgers, beer and board games will be a lot more likely. Y'all be well!


  1. Cant wait Ski! They look excellent! Nothing like some Soviet "clank tanks" on the table!

    1. Thank you sir. There's a lot to be said for plastic model kit assembly. Model kits were a "gateway drug" for me on the way to miniatures wargaming many years ago.