Batman and Robin and The Rest

 Last Saturday the Dynamic Duo got a bit of table time in a four-player game of Batman Miniatures. I arranged a game with Mark, Wayne and Ziggy featuring the Riddler's gang and the Falcone crime family fighting it out with a bevy of caped crusaders.

I ran the Riddler crew and Mark was my accomplice using the Falcone gang. Wayne took Bats and The Boy Wonder while Ziggy used Batwoman, Katana and Green Arrow.

Two of our heroes plan their moves.

Riddler and his boys unload a special shipment and deliver it to the Falcones.

From the darkness an arrow strikes Quelle! She's knocked down. The busy criminals quickly look for cover from whatever's out there.

A well-aimed Batarang puts young Alberto Falcone on his back as the Dark Knight makes his way to safety. Some smoke won't hurt either!

Katana rushes in and begins fighting with Carmine's bodyguard, Sam.

The Falcone boys and a Riddler bot keep moving crates as the rest of the crew try to figure out what to do.

The heroic man of action has been on the sidelines too long! 

But the Boy Wonder beats him to the finish line! Robin takes down one of Riddler's goons. Down, but not out.

"Knuckles" gets back on his feet to teach this former circus act a lesson.

Kate Kane, who's been propping up the far side by herself, drops down and points a finger at Riddler. Riddler's no dummy! He and Quelle aren't going to give that psychopath the satisfaction! "Alexander! Show her who's boss!" yells Edward to his lieutenant atop the truck.

He happily obliges of course!

Oliver Queen has slowly made his way to the center and steadily grinds through the Falcone gang one at a time. Not a good time to get caught at the docks!

And then I stopped taking pictures for whatever reason.

But at the end of the night, the Falcone's managed to pull one crate off the map and the Riddler Bot still had control of another. A victory for the crooks, but not resounding by any means.

I think Wayne could have been more aggressive with Batman. He's a really tough cookie and the bums he was facing were schlubs. Granted, Mark and I would probably have run off like scared rats, but the heroes might have been able to control the narrative. As it was, they gave us the opportunity to hole up, get a plan set and take advantage of the situation late.

Nevertheless, BMG again proves to be an excellent skirmish game that's tactically deep and remarkably entertaining. For any of you curious, we're still using the second edition rules. The third edition rules, although free, are a substantial departure from the prior versions and Wayne and I aren't keen to change for change's sake.


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