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 Just a quick update on gaming things I've been up to recently. 

My wife and I played another installment of X-Files a couple weekends ago. We played out on the patio since the heat finally broke. There's a lot to be said for playing a heavily themed game on the dark!

There was a bit of a game mechanics change this time around. Instead of a head to head engagement, I took a note from Insurgent Earth. The FBI agents took on the role of the "survivors" while the US Military Industrial Complex took on the role normally occupied by the aliens in IE. The game played out well, with the agents locating all the evidence they were looking for and escaping. I think I need to add more bad guys for the next time through. A great time nonetheless.

I knocked out this MDF kit this week. A nice fountain and planter. 28mm of course. I'm sure they'll show up in a game of Infinity soon enough.


  1. Looks like fun; dusk on the patio would go well with wine and snacks! :-)

  2. Nice additions, great to include outdoors as a venue.

    1. Always nice to play outside, although here in South Georgia the number of acceptable weather days is frustratingly small, between humidity, heat and gnats. Yes, gnats count as weather!

  3. Kinda like Maine and black flies.


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