Hard at Work... But not This Week!

 It's been a really nice week off work the last few days. Loads of gaming and even finished up part 1 of the Dark Elf re-base project.

So, in a post a couple of weeks ago I mentioned the virtues of acetone in loosening CA / super glue. I buckled down and pulled the rest loose and the order from Litko arrived late last week. I spray-colored fifty of the bases and got to gluing! After perhaps two and half hours of effort, voila! An army that occupies only 60% of the space of its predecessor. It looks tighter and the square bases are a good bit more compatible with a variety of game systems.

I think I actually have another bag of lizard riders. I probably should re-do the Dwarves first though.

On Monday morning, Mark J came by because what else would you do on a vacation week Monday morning? We played a couple games of Command and Colors, primarily because even though Mark is 12 million years old, he's never played C&C. First game was Ancients, followed by the more complex Jacobite Uprising.

I won the first and Mark snatched the second from me after getting slapped around for 90% of the game. 

After C&C, we put Marvel United on the table. It's a co-op board game, superheroes vs. the table. Mark's collected a ton of it and never played so I sort of insisted upon it.


Quite enjoyable and I'd love to play through a multi-encounter campaign some time.

Last evening I went waaay off the reservation. My brother in law's D&D group was getting together for a one-shot high-level scenario and asked if I wanted to join. Of course! I put together a Gnome Sorcerer on D&D Beyond and we got together at Cerberus Legion Games in Richmond Hill. We started playing around 6:00pm and wrapped up at midnight. Our sixteenth-level characters handily dealt with three giants, an ice troll and two hellhounds before ending up in the lair of the ancient red dragon "ol something-or-other." 

If you haven't played D&D in a while, 5th Edition takes full advantage of today's technology. There's a brief adjustment period, but having a very powerful electronic character sheet to track EVERYTHING is remarkably handy, particularly for a spellcaster with a limited number of spell slots and many many options.

At one point, the monk, cleric and monk/barbarian were all on the great wyrm's back! 

After a brief early run-in with the beast, my character Beebs, suffered PTSD which limited my effectiveness during the battle since I was unable to get closer to the dragon. It managed to extend the range from most of my more useful spells. Eventually we weakened it to the point where it fled. We'd managed to destroy the scrying device she was using to command her armies so that was enough to satisfy our mission objectives. Our band of Expendables saved the kingdom!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eat some ham and turkey and taters and dressing and greens and sleep it off... it's feastin' season!


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