AAR - Stargrave Saturday (Game 1)

 We started our Stargrave campaign Saturday afternoon with an outdoor get-together on my patio. The weather was cool but otherwise quite pleasant. Wayne, Ziggy and Mike were able to join, Mark and David having other commitments. Because it was essentially everyone's first game of SG, we played "no specific scenario" so we could learn rules and figure out what we're doing.

The table. It's 48 inch square area. There's a raised area 18 inches deep into the table. Loot counters are scattered hither and yon.

My crew and starting corner. That's Bruce Dickinson and the Local 151. Captain Bruce is a Tekker and his 2IC is a Rogue. Turns out The Tekker / Rogue combination was terribly popular; Ziggy's and Wayne's crews were both Rogue/Tekker. Mike's is a Veteran/Tekker. Everyone loves movement Powers and Drones!
Today's motley crew.
My Runner, Scoop, was able to get to a Physical Loot counter (the bolt & nut) and begins extraction. Katie Kaboom makes her way towards a Data Loot that's not in frame. She's a Codebreaker, ideal for going after Data Loot.

She makes it to the Data Loot but of course flubs the unlock roll! Mike's crew of militant goons is bearing down on me. 

Up top, Ziggy's got a guy making it towards a Data Loot. I guess I won't be getting that one.

Wayne's crew pushes across. His captain in front of the pond is working on a Data Loot while his Drone drops a claw down to grab a Physical Loot near the yellow drums in the center. The 2IC is trying to figure out how they're going to get the PL from atop that blue box.

Katie Kaboom is feeling rather lonely over there! She'd be knocked out a moment later.

Meanwhile, it's a robot shoot-out in gumball alley. Mine get's the better of the Sniperbot, hitting it twice, then scuttling away. These two droids now officially have history.

My 2IC and his cohort continue to maneuver around up top while Mike's crew nab the DL below. You can see (only just) that I've sent my Captain down to deal with the problem. Bruce is the one with the green batman-wings. He's accompanied by recruit Jesus Rodriguez (the octopoid alien)

Ziggy's captain heaves a grenade at my 2IC group, wounding Roy and the Medic, Beverly. Casecracker Sweet Mama String Bean was OK. You can see below that Jesus had taken a beating, poor fella.

Beverly Kills uses her action to un-stun Roy who darts over to Zig's Captain and opens up a can of whoop-ass.

Mike pointing out where he's aiming a grenade. Bruce had given chase to pretty much all of Mike's crew and he was doing everything he could to slow me down.

It's nearly over... We agree that the game will and after turn 7. 

At the end of the day, we all had a great time. My casualties included Recruit Jesus and Codebreaker Katie, both of whom made full recoveries. Roy Christmas, my 2IC was taken out in the last turn, Robocop-style by Wayne's crew. He was badly injured but he'll be back. I only secured a single Physical Loot which turned out to be a Hardsuit worth 200Cr. I'll probably hawk it since I have no treasury. I did have a successful run though, with SIX knock-outs and four successful Power activations. That's good for 200XP, enough for two level increases. I'll figure those out later.

We're all looking forward to the next for sure! If I don't post again before next weekend, Merry Christmas everyone!


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