Scratch Building

 In the interest of keeping the Stargrave campaign chugging along, I've found that some of the scenarios have some implied terrain requirements. The "Fire Moon" scenario looks like a good candidate for our next outing so I've begun work on making some suitable bits. 

This is of course the implied mental image we'd all have with such a setting. Very iconic, very dangerous and not just a little bit awesome.

The scenario requires an "X" of lava floes corner-to-corner on the tabletop. I'll accomplish that cheaply and easily with long strips of orange fabric. I'm not going to go gangbusters on lava-like rivers that will very rarely see the tabletop. Being Stargrave, there needs to be a lot to hide behind. To that end I got cracking on some foam rocky outcrops and "plateau" hills last evening with the hot wire foam-cutter. 

And after maybe 90 minutes and some probable brain-damage from the fumes, voila! Four bits that should work nicely. The larger bits have caves cut into them because that's fun. I glued sand to upper surfaces to give them a bit of texture

I tested some scraps with spray primer I had and the insulation foam didn't immediately disintegrate, to might delight. This morning I hit the two smaller pieces with a coat of primer - we'll see the results when I get home and I'll blast the two larger pieces at that time. 

  Because I was in a productive mode last evening, I also knocked out some homemade "Magmites," the aliens present in the Lava Moon scenario. A few red pipe cleaners glued to some old cardboard counters/markers, a dark gray spray coat and pale orange drybrushing and bam, job's done. 

Since they live in magma, I figured eyes and antennae would be useless. They're wormy and monstrous and will certainly get the job done!

More pics as things progress. Merry Christmas if I don't post again very soon!


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