Scratch Building and some Painting... and Something Else

 I hope everyone had a fine Christmas and that Santa was good to you. I my sisters and their families were in town and we had a great time. Before everyone arrived though, I was able to finish up the terrain pieces I had been working on and I also put my final touches on some minis I was working on. 

First up, those minis.

A recent delve in the garage turned up some old GW minis, two Necromunda models from around 2000 and an Empire Champion from I don't know when. He's plastic and thus isn't terribly old. The Sniper is a much more recent Reaper Bones model. I figured the Necromunda guys would be fine for Stargrave and the Knight would be a useful addition to the Kings of War Vanguard stuff I have. I really enjoyed the trial game I played and have been wanting to take it for another spin.

The terrain pieces turned out nicely. Some spray paint and drybrushing and bam, job's done.

I really should make four more of these to ensure I get good table coverage. I'll get cracking on it this week I'm sure.

Of course those hills are going to have a little competition in the garage. My next guitar project is now to the point where it's going to start taking time and energy. I picked up an Epiphone Les Paul Jr body on eBay a couple months ago. I had a good bit of hardware already and got the rest in my Christmas stocking. I decided that the guitar, instead of being painted, should be stickered. I got at least a hundred stickers yesterday to add to the collection I'd already begun. Yesterday afternoon I spent about three hours doing this:

The stickering was a lot of fun. Next step with that will be applying a heavy dose of clear coat over those stickers. 8-10 layers should be OK. After that's done, it's on to the electronics! 

Be well, and if I don't post again this week, Happy New Year!


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